Services Details

Expert and truthful advice on your printing needs

For KK our word is our bond, we offer honest and truthful feedback and advice to all our clients no matter how difficult the request is. We are here to evaluate the clients needs when it comes to printing whether that is recommending a new printer to replace an old one. To recommend a toner/ cartridge that will fit into their budget without compromising on quality and save them time and effort. Our vast experience in the market allows us to offer sound expert advice when dealing with non OEM toners, their quality and their origin and to educate clients on the dangers on using counterfeit and refilled toners and the damage they can cause to the client machine.

Kartridges Kenya Ltd have over 25 years’ experience in the toner market in Europe and across Africa and therefore we know what our customers need and what they expect from us. One of the main things potential clients ask us is What do you offer? What are your services? Well we provide a solution to our clients printing and ICT needs.

Free Printer Servicing

As an added value to our customers KK offer full printer servicing to all clients that use our toners, we not only have a responsibility to give you a quality product, but we also have a responsibility to look after your printer. Many clients see this as a huge positive and a great additional service that many other service providers charge for.